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Brisbane, AUS

The Beginning


After years of intensive R&D, we finally cracked the code. In 2016 our team of awesome-food scientists made a paradigm-shifting breakthrough that's bound to change lives across the world: they worked out how to combine the best things to come out of Japanese and Mexican cultures - sushi and burritos. While the method is obviously top-secret, the important thing is we were able to marry these two incredible foods, resulting in a creation that looks and taste as incredible as it is game-changing. 


Hawaiian Stylin'

Since we're not ones to rest on our laurels (or sushi burritos), we decided that SUKI would incorporate the best of another culture's food. After hearing of a magical fish dish from across the pacific - poke - we went on an adventure to taste it for ourselves. We trekked to the far-reaches of the Big Island, the mountains of Maui, and the sandy beaches of Oahu in search of the best poke. Sure enough, we found it, put our own spin on it and now the flavours of the islands are here for all to enjoy.


Never has raw fish tasted so good. 


Sustainable Sourcin'

While we love to have a good time and joke around, we're dead serious about reducing our environmental impact. Although we don't claim to be saving the planet, we do believe that it's the small things that matter. Accordingly, we ensure that all of our fish and produce is sourced as sustainably as possible.