Franchise Opportunity

After years of intensive R&D, we finally cracked the code. In 2016 our team of awesome-food scientists made a paradigm shifting breakthrough that's bound to change lives across the world: they worked out how to combine the best things to come out of Japanese and Mexican cultures - sushi and burritos. While the method is obviously top-secret, the important thing is we were able to marry these two incredible foods, resulting in a creation that looks and taste as incredible as it is game-changing. We give you SUKI.

Having launched the visually amazing Southbank location in early 2017 SUKI is ready to grow with a franchise family. Each location comes with a customised store design that is unique whilst still maintaining the exciting visual appeals that SUKI brings. Our franchise offering comes with custom designed systems and processes as well as a full training program complete with operations manuals.

Our Franchise Partners

We wish for our franchise partners to have the same personal investment in a commitment to healthy living and a passion for healthy food. Being passionate about the SUKI offering is what will allow the business to flourish and to be able to interact and inform with your client base.

Our Franchise partners are people-people!!! Interacting with customers and developing a highly engaged team that can help you execute the healthy image and sustainable sourcing key messages is all what we are about and want our franchise partners to embody.

Whilst those with previous business experience are ideally what we are looking for initially we are also open to having first business owners become SUKI franchisee’s. We are wanting those passionate about business and community as well as what SUKI brings so we will be able to provide support along the way for those first timers to ensure you are setup for short and long term success within the brand.

Franchise Support

We have a highly experienced franchise and operations team that are on hand to assist with site selection and leasing as well as throughout your training. We view our franchise partners as an extension of our family so we are committed to help guide and develop your business once your doors are open.