SUKI [suh-kee]
to like, to love

Suki Poke Bowl and Sushi Burrito spread


Meaning ‘to like or to love’, Suki is fond of many things, but most of all, we love poké.

SUKI is the best kind of lovechild. It’s the fusion of Hawaiian and Japanese cuisines, which come together to debunk the myth that raw fish only belongs in sushi. The untapped flavour combinations made possible by this incredible dish, satisfy our appetite for culinary creativity, and since our launch in 2016 we’ve been satisfying Aussie appetites too.



Our chefs take great pleasure in sourcing an abundance of local Australian produce and Hawaiian flavours and turning them into amazing poké creations. We love food, but not selfishly. We chef so you can too! Our design your own poké restaurants will give you complete creative control over your bowl. 

Our chef led menu features over 50 restaurant quality, fresh ingredients. Curated so no combination can lead you astray. Pairings of salmon and orange or katsu chicken and seaweed are combinations we can get behind. We live by the philosophy that no poké mix is too outrageous.

Whether you’re going for extreme clean, or something healthy-ish, we support you. We just want you to live a little and level-up your lunch game, and while you’re at it, how about dinner? If you’ve never been a salad person, just ask our staff for a good time.

Go on, play with your food, for the love of poké.


Sustainable sourcing


Playing the poké game doesn’t need to cost the earth. We source our fish from Australian waters and our fruit and vegies from local farms, reducing food miles and fossil fuels. We aren’t claiming to save the planet, but we do care about doing our bit to keep it in good nick.

Suki Poke bowl spread